Enterprise Portals

With the emergence of a global economy and a mobile workforce, and the resulting flood of business data, the ability to integrate applications, collaborate across boundaries, and customize content through corporate portals has become essential. Xlysis enterprise portal solutions, based on IBM Websphere, Oracle Weblogic, MS SharePoint, provide these capabilities by bringing just the right application and information to each employee through highly flexible intranet sites while providing insight to your operations through dashboard or expediting the supply chain and collaborating with customers and suppliers through extranets.

Corporate portals can be designed to deliver different content to different individuals, ensuring that each user sees only what is applicable to him or her. By targeting the appropriate data and information, the technology tailors it to an individuals specific needs or role to perform their job function.

Corporate portals serve as a consistent platform for developing and delivering internal applications, and as a system to improve and direct workflow for business processes. They also become a foundational environment for integrating and launching applications like Microsoft Office programs, business intelligence scorecards, or custom software tools and for delivering reports and business scorecards to monitor key performance indicators. Because they are password protected, corporate portals make it easy for your employees to access the tools and documents they need via the web, from any computer, no matter where they are.

Please contact us for more information on how Xlysis portal solutions can help you with

  • IBM Websphere
  • MS SharePoint
  • Oracle Weblogic

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